You can't escape them in this town. Even before the chaos began, these women, in every shape and size, were determined to root their way into my life like weeds. But I was the poison.

One summer, I decided to get a tattoo. Just a tattoo - relatively harmless. But from the moment the ink was on my skin, I have seen things you would never believe.

I have been in unbelievable situations, met people who can do the impossible, seen objects moving without being touched, and every sort of freak occurrence you can imagine. The supernatural burst into my life with all it mysteries, and before long, I realised that I wasn't the only one.

Now these women turned to me - they believed I knew the answers. Before long, my Kiss Kiss Bandits group was formed, my own legion of these... these girls, these women, these Divas, Vixens, Thugettes and Juilets, all with tattoos like mine. It's what brought them together, apart from their association with me. Me. I, without realising, had begun an uprising of something that I didn't even understand. Before, all we had to worry about was why we couldn't keep a job for more than a month, and how we were going to buy shoes and clothes as well as pay the rent and eat. Now, all we want are the answers to the big questions.

What are we? Why are we imbued with these... "special powers?" How is it possible? And why is it inevitable that all of us "special people" find each other?

It all began with a tattoo - and ended with me.


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